Summary Resume: William C. Maxwell

Summary Resume
William C. Maxwell
155 Beacon Hill Drive, Apts 4 & 5
Dobbs Ferry, New York 10522
October 2015
                  B.A., Wagner College
                  M.A., Ed.M., Ed.D., Columbia University
Selected Teaching
                  Professor of Art, Art Department, School of Arts and Sciences, The                          College of New  Rochelle, New Rochelle, New York, present
                  Visiting Professor of Art, Center for the Arts, SUNY Westchester,                              White Plains, New York,1999-2011
                  Visiting Professor of Art and Education, Teachers College, Columbia                        University, New York, 1971-1986
Selected Solo Exhibitions
                  Westbroadway Gallery, SOHO, New York, 1972, 1974 and 1976
                  10 DOWNTOWN, New York, 1979
                  Elizabeth Weiner Galleries, Inc., New York, 1978, 1979, 1980
                  Cardet Gallery, Coral Gables, 1981
                  Time-Life, Inc., New York, 1981
                  Brooklyn Academy of Music, Next Wave Program, 1982-1983
                  University of Connecticut, Hartford Branch Gallery, 1983
                  Wagner College, Kade Gallery, 1983
                  Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, New York, 1983-1984
                  Selected Works: 1975-1985, Phillips Exeter Academy, Lamont                                Gallery, New Hampshire
                  Zarathustra (Re)Visited), College of New Rochelle, 1988
                  Robert Martin Gallery, Westchester Financial Center, White Plains,                          1989
                  Abstraction and the Absolute, Akus Gallery, Eastern Connecticut                              State University, 1995
                  Perfect Circle: Utopic/Dystopic Fields, College of New Rochelle, 1996
                  Selected Works: 1977-97, Fine Arts Gallery, SUNY/Westchester,                              1997
                  Art in Nishijin, Nishijin Art Factory, Kyoto, Japan, 1998
                  Perfect/Imperfect, Mooney Center Exhibition Hall, the College of                              New Rochelle, 2002
                  Defining the Line, Center for the Arts, SUNY Westchester, White                              Plains, 2004
                  to(o) perfect: a journey of contemporary work, Casola Gallery,                                Peekskill, 2005
                  ThePerfect Circle, the Studio Annex, New York City, 2006
                  recurrent PERFECT CIRCLE, Mooney Exhibit Hall, The College of New                              Rochelle, 2010
                  William C. Maxwell, Studio A Gallery, 52 Main Street, Tarrytown,                                  NY. Apr/May, 2014
Selected Group Exhibitions

                  Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
                  The Baltimore Museum, Baltimore
                  The Copenhagen Rotunda, Denmark
                  Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
                  Gimpel-Weitzenhoffer Gallery, New York
                  Boston Visual Artists Union, Boston
                  Signal Gallery, Montreal
                  Goddard-Riverside Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
                  Brooklyn Museum, New York
                  National Arts Club, New York
                  Pratt Manhattan Center, New York
                  Artist’s Call, Art Galaxy Gallery, New York
                  State of Mind/State of the Union, PADD, Judson Church, New York
                  Art Against Apartheid, Foundation for Community of Artist, New                              York
                  New York Loft Tenants, NYC Offices of Governor and the U.S.                                  Congressional Offices
                  Layering: An Art of Time and Space, Albuquerque Museum, New                              Mexico
                  Exhibiting Artists, Swanston Fine Arts, Atlanta
                  Maryanne McCarthy Gallery, New York
                  Politics of Passion, Club 1018, New York
                  Kamikaze Club, New York
                  Exit Art Gallery, New York
                  KIVA Foundation for Art, Inc., New York
                  Macy Gallery, Columbia University, New York
                  Fine Art Resources, New York
                  Association of Artists and Scientists, St. Petersburg, Russia
                  Death Penalty: Loss of Conscience, Visual Arts Gallery, SUNY                                  Purchase,  New York
                  On the Human Condition, 5 & Dime Store, Peekskill, New York
                  Home and Garden: Images of the Domestic, The Upper Gallery, The                        Paramount Center for  the Arts, Peekskill, New York
                  In the Moment:  Act and Abstraction, Coleman Gallery,                                          Albuquerque, New  Mexico
                  Open Studio 1998, Peekskill Arts Council, Peekskill, New York
                  Art in Nishijin: Nishijin as Incubator 1998, Chikiriya Factory, Kyoto,                        Japan
                  Open Studio 1999, Inaugural Event, Westchester Art Council, White                        Plains,  New York
                  Open Studios 1999-2009, Peekskill Arts Council, Peekskill, New York
                  Arts and Flowers 99, Open Studios, Peekskill, New York
                  1999 Annual Juried Exhibition, The Upper Gallery, Paramount                                  Center for the Arts,  Peekskill, New York
                  Open Studio 2000, Peekskill Arts Council, Peekskill, New York
                  Floating Dialogues: Imagery and Abstraction, The Upper Gallery,                            Paramount Center for the Arts, Peekskill, New York
                  Art of Persuasion, New York Society of Etchers, The National Arts                            Club, New York, travelled to: The Paramount Center for the Arts,                        Peekskill, NY, SUNY Westcheter, Valhalla, NY and                                              Loyola University Museum of Art, Chicago, Illinois
                  Art of Democracy, National Arts Club, New York
                  Peekskill Arts Council 2009 Group Exhibitions, Standard House,                              Peekskill,  New York
                  UNDERTOW:  Thinking Water, The Upper Gallery, Pramount Center                          for the Arts, Peekskill, New York
                  New York+Haifa, PYRAMIDA Center for Contemporary Art. Haifa,                            Israel
                  Several exhibitions sponsored by the Peekskill Arts Council,                                      Standard House,  Peekskill, New York
                  PEACEABLE KINGDOM, Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba, New                            York, New York, 2011-12
                  Group Shows, Blue+Green Gallery, Stowe, Vermont, 2011
                  "Throws Itself Together," Benefit Internet Exhibition, 2011
                  Prints and Printmaking, Allegra LaViola Gallery, New York, New                              York, 2011
                  Carrier Pigeon: First Anniversary Exhibition, BLACKBURN 20/20
                       Gallery, New York, New York, 2011
                  First National Exhibition of Intaglio Prints, National Arts Club, New                          York,  New York, 2011
                  Faculty Exhibition, Castle Gallery, The College of New Rochelle, New                        Rochelle, New York, 2011
                  2 Group Exhibitions, Sacred Gallery, New York, New York, 2011
                  Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction and Fine Arts, Issue #5 Release
                       Exhibition, Grit N Glory Gallery, New York, New York, 2012
                  Second National Exhibition of Intaglio Prints, National Art Club, New                        York, New York, 2012
                  Third National Exhibition of Intaglio Prints, National Arts Club, New                          York, New York, 2013
                  I, You, Me, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York,                        Jul/Aug, 2013
                  National Exhibition of Intaglio Prints, National Arts Club, New York,                          New York, May 20-Jun 7, 2013
                  Carrier Pigeon at Flat Iron Gallery, Peekskill, New York, June 1013
                  Grit and Glory Gallery, New York, New York, June 1013 and May                              2014                
                 New York Society of Etchers, NYSE Directors Exhibition, National                              Arts Club, Nov 3-8, 2013.
                 Governors Island Art Fair, New York City, September 2013
                 Carrier Pigeon at The Print Center, 1614 Latimer Street,                                         Philadelphia, PA, Nov 2013
                 Prints Gone Wild at littlefield in Brooklyn, Cannon Ball Press,                                   Brooklyn, New York, Nov 2013
                 Pressure Print Fair, 200 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn, New York, Nov                       2013
                 Pistol Packing Print, EMOA Space Gallery, 530 West 25th St.,                                 Chelsea, New York, New York Dec 2013
                 Carrier Pigeon at Manhattan Graphics Center, 250 W. 40th Street,                           New York, New York, Feb/Mar 2014
                 Carrier Pigeon at Brooklyn Flea, 176 Lafayette Street, Brooklyn, New                       York, June 2014
Selected Collections
                  Museum of Modern Art, New York
                  Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
                  Hudson River Museum, Yonkers
                  Arthur Wesley Dow Memorial Collection, Columbia University
                  Brooklyn Museum, New York
                  New York Public Library, New York
                  University of Dallas, Irving
                  Southeastern Banking Corporation, Coral Gables
                  Continental Group, Inc., New York
                  Cantor-Fitzgerald Group, Inc., New York
                  Telerate Systems, Inc., New York
                  Marine Midland Bank, New York
                  Johnson and Johnson, Inc., New Brunswick
                  Bell Laboratories, Inc., Murray Hill
                  T.R.W., Inc., Columbus
                  Library of Congress, District of Columbia
                  Vale Corporation, Dallas
                  Seidman and Seidman BDO, New York
                  I.B.M., Inc., Stamford
                  The Chase Manhattan Bank, New York
                  Coca Cola, Inc., Atlanta
                  Bristol-Meyers, Inc., New York
                  Payne-Weber, New York
                  Yamaha International, New York and Tokyo
                  Apple Computer, Inc., New York and Los Angeles
                  Robert Martin, Inc., Tarrytown
                  St. Petersburg Association of Artists and Scientists, Russia
                  Mid-Hudson Arts and Sciences Museum, Poughkeepsie
                  Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic
                  Several private and other public collections
Selected Galleries
                  Swanston Fine Arts, Atlanta
                  Dumont-Landis, New Brunswick
                  Ledis-Flam Gallery, New York
                  Fred Dorfman Projects, New York
                  Art Placement International, New York and Greenwich
                  Art Communication International (CD-ROM), Philadelphia
                  Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, New York
                  Richard Anderson Fine Arts, New York
                  Casola Gallery, Peekskill
                  Studio A Gallery, Tarrytwon, New York
Selected Publications
                  Maxwell, William C.  Printmaking:  A Beginning Handbook                                       (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.:  Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1977)
                  Krantz, Les.  American Artists and New York Art Review, (Chicago:                          American References, 1989 and 1990)
                  Carrier Pigeon Magazine, 2009
                  Reviews in Arts, Art Forum, Flash Art, Village Voice, New York Times                         and others

                  Founder, President and Director, Westbroadway  Gallery, SOHO,                            New York, 2000-2006
                  Graduate Student Director, Macy Gallery, Teachers College,                                    Columbia University, 1971-1973
                  Founder, Co-Director, Ziegfeld Gallery, Columbia University, 1972-                          1975
                  Board of Directors, Castle Gallery, The College of New Rochelle,                              1980-1985
                  Founder, Director, Curator of several exhibitions at Maxwell Fine                            Arts Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Peekskill, New York from                              2000-2011
                  Curated several exhibitions, workshops, and panels at various                                locations to include The Paramount  Center for the Arts,                                    Peekskill, NY, The Hat Factory, Peekskil, NY, Peekskill Project                            (HVCCA), Peekskill, NY, and the Castle Gallery  and Mooney                              Exhibition Hall of The College of New Rochelle, and others